– Hi, I'm Hannah –

I'm a young creative based in portland

– This is Without Roots –

A narrative of rootless + Adventurous living

I grew up in a farmhouse on a dirt road in western upstate New York. I spent my days among the trees, playing make believe and frolicking through the woodland paradise that existed in my backyard. Being an only child, I acquired an affinity for exploring the world on my own. I carried this with me when I fled my two-bit hometown for a liberal arts college just outside of New York City. I took a train to Manhattan nearly every weekend and spent hours getting lost in that whimsical forest of concrete. I carried it with me when I decided on a whim to move across the country and start a brand new life on the west coast.


I find that we humans tend to spend far too much of our lives waiting. Waiting until we find someone to travel with. Waiting for retirement. Waiting for "the right time" to pursue the lives we really want. But what if the supposed "right time" never comes? Do we tuck ourselves away into the safety of our comfort zones, dreaming of someday? Or do we make the best of the time we have now? When I started Without Roots, I felt stuck in a life that I didn't want. Through my passion for photography, I learned how to happily exist outside of my comfort zone. Through my stories and images, I seek to inspire others to do the same.