Colorado: Part One


I grew up with the privilege of being well traveled. My mom had a job that required her to travel, and she almost always brought me with her. From Philadelphia to Las Vegas, from Asheville to Santa Fe and everything in between, I was lucky enough to be able to trek my chubby little legs all over the US. For this reason, the ability and opportunity travel continues to be something I highly value. I mean, most people love seeing and experiencing new places. I think that's part of being human. But there are some of us who view travel as being one of the most important and fulfilling things we can possibly do with our lives. I am one of them. 

When I go somewhere new, I want to experience it as fully as possible. I want to be out in that unfamiliar world from sunup till sundown and I can't fathom wasting a single minute of that time. When I went to Colorado last September, I didn't waste a second. I spent every moment of daylight exploring and taking it in and by the time the trip was over, I ached for home. That ache and that longing is the tell-tale sign of a fulfilling adventure. 

Rocky Mountain National Park might be one of the most breathtaking places in the US that I've visited (so far). Existing so closely to nature brought me to life again. While wandering along the wooded trails, my eyes were wide with excitement and wonder. I felt so small amongst the towering mountains and the vast wilderness and it reminded me of why I am so passionately in love with this world.