The Lonesome Crowded West

Relocation Road Trip: Days Three & Four


The last two days have been rather interesting in that the landscape of our drive has been drastically changing by the mile. I mean, yes, we were aware of the vastly different scenery we'd experience but it's a whole lot different when you’re driving through it and able to notice every subtle change. The more I experience the west, the more I fall in love with it. Everything out here is so huge and so different. It’s magical. I can't explain it with words, so I'll let my photos speak for me.

I’ve become comfortable with being on the road. It’s tiring, for sure, but it’s become my new normal. I’ve adjusted to existing in the gray area that exists between here and there. But tonight, we will be arriving in Portland and I will have to readjust again. I will have to start a life and make a home there, at least for a little while. While I’m excited to start over in a new city, I’m also a bit apprehensive. But I also am going into this new chapter with a sort of knowing that everything will be alright.

Our fourth day of driving was by far the longest. If we hadn’t stopped at all, we would’ve been driving for around ten hours. Of course, that’s completely unrealistic. We ended up on the road from 7am until 9pm, with some neat little pit stops along the way. My favorite stop was the rest area coming into Utah. I love the topography and the colors and the mountains. But the best part about this stop was that we got to climb on things and explore. We woke up in Burley, Idaho this morning and when the sun goes down tonight, I'll be in my new city.