Relocation Road Trip: Day One


So, right now, I am on my way to Oregon. After a teary-eyed goodbye, ten hours of driving through four states, and trying not to hydroplane in heavy rains on the highway, we made it to South Bend, Indiana. Because we left so late and the weather was so hard to navigate, it ended up being a really long day. Hopefully the next four driving days will be a little calmer.

Being on the road has a way of soothing your worries and keeping your mind focused on the now. But as soon as we landed in Indiana, I was consumed by this overwhelmingly aching feeling that I wasn't going back home. I've always loved traveling and waking up in new places but maybe part of the magic in that was the promise of home. This time, however, there is nothing but uncertainty.

Many people have made remarks about how brave we are to be doing this. The more anxious I become, the more brave I feel. This is how I know this is an adventure worth pursuing.


Road Tunes:

Cease to Begin – Band of Horses
Viva La Vida (Prospekt's March Edition) – Coldplay
Clarity (Expanded) – Jimmy Eat World
Ad Infinitum – Telekinesis
Dark as Night – Nahko and Medicine for the People

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