Some News + Some Goals


Now that the holiday excitement and novelty of the new year have worn off and regular life is back in full swing, I can't help but continue to feel overwhelmingly optimistic about 2018. Things have been coming together extraordinarily well and it's not at the hands of fate or chance but a result of my willingness to take risks and make changes. So far, it's paying off.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I requested a lighter work schedule because working overtime every week for so long was taking an enormous toll on every aspect of my health. The reduced hours started two weeks ago and I've gone from working 9 shifts every week to only 4 or 5. I cannot stress to you enough how much a difference this has made for my mental health in such a short period of time. Thus far, I've spent my extra free time catching up with the people I care about and taking a little extra care of myself. Now that I've had some time to unwind, I'm going to spend the upcoming weeks using that time to pursue my creativity.

In keeping with my goal to do more photography work, I have decided to keep my professional portfolio separate from this blog, which will serve as the adventure journal that it's been for two years now. Without Roots is already branded as such and y'all seem to like it that way, so why change it? So much of my soul is in this blog and to try to turn it into something that it isn't would likely keep me from loving this project the way I do now.

I do have some small goals for 2018 that I'd like to share with you, as putting them out there for the world to see tends to make me feel more obligated to keep with them. I'm sure many of you can relate.

  1. READ MORE + SCROLL LESS: Is anyone surprised that reading a book is much more creatively inspiring than the perpetual meme stream that we tend to find on social media? Don't get me wrong, some of my longest and strongest friendships are maintained by the exchange of memes, but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in it. I know I struggle with it because honestly, I wouldn't know moderation if it walked up and punched me in the face.
  2. GET OUTSIDE MORE: I am happier when I'm outside. I know this. It's science. When I spend more time outside, I tend to have a much sunnier outlook on my world which, in turn, compels me to put more positive energy out there. I find that when I am kind to the world, the world is kind to me in its own subtle way.
  3. PRACTICE MORE SELF CARE: I often find it difficult to find balance in my life and I'm an extremely anxious person by nature. I convince myself that I'm on the brink of death from some ridiculously unlikely medical ailment at least 3 times a year. When life knocks me down, I'm much more adamant about practicing self care so that I can make it through whatever I'm dealing with in one piece. But what about when things aren't so bad? My anxiety is still there. It never goes away. However, when things are going well, it's easier for me to bury it, which ends up being unhealthy in the long run.
  4. LOVE MORE: Love others. Love myself. Love the world. Life is too short not to. I am incredibly aware of my mortality these days and instead of letting that fear and sadness overcome me, I use it to motivate myself to do more. Lovers leave us. Friends we thought would stay with us for the long haul leave us. The people we love pass on. Love will inevitably hurt us but it is also the only thing that can heal us.

So far, 2018 is shaping up to be pretty wonderful. I'm sure that life will throw me curveballs in the months to come, but I'm absolutely certain of my ability to make the best of everything that comes my way.

Until next time, friends.