Monday Miscellany: Early Autumn Portraits


As I've mentioned in the past, portrait photography isn't something I have a lot of experience with yet. So naturally, when Alana asked me to photograph her simply for the fun of it, I said yes because I thought it'd be enjoyable and because I needed the practice. I decided to take us to one of my favorite spots: a dead end road just outside of Naples with lots of wildflower fields and a great view. The sun was well on its way toward the horizon and it was a perfectly picturesque autumn evening.

One of my favorite things about Alana is that she isn't afraid to jump in and have fun with whatever it is she's doing. As soon as we left my car, she sprinted into the middle of this field and started picking flowers. I think I ended up with around 500 photos of her and the ones that caught my attention were the ones that were unposed. I think there’s something beautiful about capturing people existing exactly as they are. I think there is power in authenticity.

As we were driving along Italy Valley, I was consumed with anticipation for these photos. I was so unsure of how they'd turn out and was nervous that we'd drive all this way and end up with a whole lot of nothing. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. We got a lot of great shots in and decided to wrap it up and call it a day. The sun disappeared behind the clouds and we headed north along the lake hoping to find some food. I was feeling rather disappointed that we didn't get the opportunity to explore a few more places. But suddenly, we emerged over a hill and the sky was on fire. It was the sort of sunset you can't help but gaze at with wonder and awe; the sky was a deep blue canvas colored with bold streaks of red, orange, and purple. It was pure magic. 

I beelined it to the Canandaigua City Pier and we made it just in time to witness that majestic sky reflecting off the cool water of the lake, tinting it a light purple. The sunset backdrop coupled with the warm glow of the surrounding streetlights created such interesting lighting and the mood I could create with it was unlike anything I've ever done before. All in all, this shoot exceeded my expectations and I am so excited to hopefully do more work like this in the future.