Hopeful Undertones


"Stay soft. It looks beautiful on you." – Nayyirah Waheed

I realized a long time ago that anxiety and depression are going to always be part of my life. Depression has never been a constant for me. It comes and goes in waves; the dark cloud emerges every couple of years and casts a shadow over several months of my life, and then it passes and the sun shines for awhile. Anxiety, however, is always around the corner. Sometimes, I think it has better things to do than torment me; it never fails to return, sometimes with a gentle tap on the shoulder and other times it knocks the wind out of me. Today, my anxiety decided to punch me right in the gut.

Depression and anxiety are ugly creatures. They hurt people. They ruin relationships and they instill in us a constant fear of worse things to come. And I think for many, this sort of suffering hardens them. It's very easy to let this happen because these illnesses manipulate our minds and don't allow us to see what's really in front of us. These illnesses convince us that the world is terrible and that we are unlovable and that we have no place here. This is more than enough to turn someone stone cold, but we mustn't let this happen. We must find the strength to stay soft and let ourselves love. And we must find the strength to let the world and the people in it love us back.

There is strength in softness. Don't let anybody tell you differently.