Reflecting on Spring

“I enjoy the spring more than the autumn now. One does, I think, as one gets older.”  
― Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room


There has always seemed to be a distinct point where spring ends and summer begins; this year the seasons seemed to melt together, leaving me unsettled and unsure. Summer is here and it feels like it’s been here for quite some time now, even though the solstice was only a week ago. I sometimes have to force myself to acknowledge that spring even happened because now that I’m trying to remember it, I’m drawing blanks. Maybe it was because I was stretching myself too thin, working six days a week between two jobs. Maybe it was because I spent most of those months longing for summer. Or maybe it was something else. But that was ages ago. Isn’t it funny how our minds perceive time? How something so recent can feel so far away?

Winter turned to spring and I said I wanted the new season to be about forgiveness and growth. I think it has, though not in the way I would have expected. Forgiveness came to me in what felt like an instant. I woke one morning and I felt lighter, as if the weight of the anger and resentment I was carrying with me had simply dissipated overnight. And with forgiveness comes growth. And strength. And courage. Forgiveness is what allows us to love and to be loved. It makes us softer. It makes us lighter. It makes us better.

Here’s to a prosperous summer.