My name is Hannah.

I'm twenty-three and I'm just as lost as anyone. I've been photographing my world for as long as I can remember. My mother bought her first DSLR when I was rather young, and I think I used it more than she did. When I was nineteen, she gifted me one of my own and I've been shooting nonstop ever since.

In October 2016, I took the leap of a lifetime; I packed up everything I could fit in my little sedan, and drove from New York across the United States to start a new life in Portland, Oregon.

This is Without Roots

What is the nature of my current situation? This is the question I had to explore and eventually answer when I decided to start this project in the early months of 2015. I was living in my hometown, but it didn't feel like home. I wasn't immersing myself in that place. I wasn't interested in forming any lasting relationships with the residents of my town. Was I a drifter? No. Was I wandering? Not really. But I hadn't really put down any lasting roots. And that's when it hit me. Without Roots.

This blog started as little more than a way for me to share my world with others while I explored what it meant to live without roots. But now that I'm in a brand new city with a brand new life, Without Roots is going to be about stories. It's a visual and written journal meant to examine the human condition and capture the beauty of our world. A beauty that is hidden between ordinary, rushed moments and revealed to us only when we take the time to slow down and look. 

If you'd like to work with me, please contact me here.